Yogurt Souffle Cake | So Pretty and Yummy | Making The Perfect Snack

I made a yogurt soufflé cake that is good to eat one by one by baking small in a muffin tin. Dip the mold with butter and sugar and bake the dough, so it is easy to separate from the mold and the syrup in which the butter and sugar is melted adds flavor to the cake, making it even more delicious. If you bake at a high temperature to give the color of the top and lower it to a low temperature, the top does not burst and bakes beautifully. Bake at a high temperature and before lowering the temperature, be sure to open the oven door to lower the temperature to avoid burning the cake. When I added a lot of yogurt, it felt like cream cheese was added, and it felt lighter and more delicate. It’s not enough to eat just one, so you can eat several.

▶ Mold size: About 6 pieces of 5.5cm.


3 Egg yolks

30g Vegetable oil

1g Salt

200g Plain yogurt

2g Vanilla extract

35g Cake flour

15g Cornstarch

3 Egg whites

5g Lemon juice

60g Sugar


1. Spread unsalted butter on a muffin mold, sprinkle with sugar, and put it in the refrigerator.

2. Beat egg yolks, add vegetable oil, mix, add salt and mix, then add plain yogurt and vanilla extract and mix.

3. Sift the soft flour and corn starch and mix.

4. Add lemon juice to cold egg whites and whip. When large bubbles start to appear, divide sugar into 3 portions and whip to make meringue with soft horns, then clear the bubbles for about 2 minutes at low speed.

5. Add a small amount of meringue to the yolk dough and mix, then add to the meringue and mix.

6. Put the dough in the mold, flatten it, place it on a pan with hot water and bake in an oven preheated to 220 degrees for 6 minutes. Open the oven door for about 15 seconds to cool, lower the temperature to 120 degrees and bake for another 15 minutes.

7. Cool in the oven for about 10 minutes and then take it out.