This is a Cabbage Dish That The Whole Family Loves | Korean Cabbage Jeongol(stew) Recipe

The weather in Korea is very cold, so I think of warm soup dishes. Korean cabbage is usually used to make kimchi. If it is difficult to find Korean cabbage, you can make it with regular cabbage. I’ve added various ingredients so that you can apply it a lot. Three or four of your favorite ingredients are enough. If you like meat, the flavor will deepen if you roll up thin slices of beef. Apply it with your favorite ingredients! In Korea, after eating all the vegetables, noodles are added to the remaining broth and boiled.

[Servings 2-3 servings / Pot diameter 18cm]


15 Korean cabbage


Fish cake

Fried tofu


King oyster mushroom

Tteokbokki tteok (rice cake)


Bell pepper

Bean sprouts (can be omitted)

✤ Broth

1 liter Water (reduced to 800ml after boiling cabbage)

Vegetable tea bag

7g (1Tbsp) Fish sauce

3g (0.5Tbsp) Salt

✤ Sauce 1

Chili Sauce (Sweet Chili x)

Hoisin Sauce

✤ Sauce 2 (amount for 1 person)

7g (1Tbsp) Soy sauce

4g (0.5Tbsp) Vinegar

5g (1tsp) Honey

4g (1tsp) Sriracha sauce (can be omitted)

4g (0.5Tbsp) Sesame oil (can be substituted with olive oil)

2g (1tsp) Roasted sesame seeds


1. Oyster mushroom, chop all the ingredients. Chives, all the same length. Sweet potato, Carrot, Fish cake, Sausage, Fried tofu, Korean cabbage, separate the cabbage and prepare 15 sheets. Cut the core part of the washed cabbage.

2. In boiling water (1 liter), then put it in from the hard part. Boil for about 3 minutes, put everything in after 2 minutes. Cabbage that has lost its strength, rinse in cold water to cool. Lightly squeeze the water without straining.

3. Add a vegetable tea bag to the water in which the cabbage was blanched, brew for about 5 minutes. You can use it with seafood broth or chicken broth.3g (0.5Tbsp) Salt, 7g (1Tbsp) Fish sauce, Season to taste, 7g (1Tbsp) Soy sauce, 4g (0.5Tbsp) Vinegar, 5g (1tsp) Honey (can be sugar), 4g (1tsp) Sriracha sauce (can be omitted), 4g (0.5Tbsp) Sesame oil (can be olive oil), 2g (tsp) Roasted sesame seeds. Easy sauce.

4. Prepare the stew pot Bean sprouts (can be omitted). Lay flat and ready to receive guests. Lay the cabbage, add chives the size of a coin, roll up. Cut in half, add carrots, Decalcomanie, Oyster mushroom, Sweet potato, Tteokbokki tteok (rice cake), Sausage, Fish cake, Bell pepper, Fried tofu. Water comes out of the vegetables, so fill only 1/3 of the broth.

5. Boil until hard ingredients are cooked. Preemptive attack with a combination of chili and hoisin sauce. The rainbow flavor, the sweetness of the vegetables is gentle.