The Ultimate Gooey Chocolate Cake | Just Mix and You’re Done | Real Chocolate Cake Recipe


30g cake flour

20g cocoa powder (unsweetened)

45g sugar

20g unsalted butter or cooking oil

2 eggs

1 favorite chocolate


1. 30g cake flour, 20g cocoa powder, sieve it.

2. 2 eggs, 45g sugar. Whip until pale yellow. I made it to the extent that it flows. I’ll add the sifted powder in 2 batches, 20g melted unsalted butter (or cooking oil). Mix well to avoid lumps.

3. Mini loaf Pan (W146xD82xH50mm). Insert the cut paper foil hit it down, 170°C (325°F) 15 minutes.

4. Favorite chocolate. I’ll cut it roughly to fit the frame. Why isn’t it cut? Success at once!

5. Put on the cake, 160℃ (300℉) 10 minutes. I will harden it for an hour. With one bite of this, sad and angry things will all be forgotten.