The easiest Blueberry Cake Recipe | How To Make Blueberry cake

I made a pretty blueberry cake with fresh blueberries!

The blueberry cake with such a pretty purple color is very beautiful even if I do not use the food coloring~

The blueberry puree which is put in every layer is chewed sweetly, and it is more delicious,and the raw blueberry which is decorated on the top is splashed, and it gives interesting texture too^^


270g Blueberry 

120g Sugar

10g Lemon juice

18cm Sponge cake sheet 3 sheets (Recipe:

Whipped cream 150g (+10g sugar) – For sand

Whipped cream 150g (+60g blueberry puree) – For icing


Apple mint


1. Add blueberries, sugar and lemon juice to the pan and boil until viscosity is reached.

2. Sift blueberry puree for icing.

3. Place a cake sheet on the cake board, apply blueberry puree and put on whipped cream (+sugar). Repeat one more time.

4. Put the last cake sheet on top and Icing with whipped cream (+blueberry puree).

5. Make a shape on the side with scraper.

6. Decorat with blueberries and apple mint.

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