TAKOYAGI Recipe (without mold) | Japanese Street Food

You want to eat takoyaki, but you can’t make it because there is no mold? You can make takoyaki without a mold. I made it with a square pan, but you can make it with a regular round pan. Even without takoyaki powder, it is easy and. I made it to taste as similar as possible.


[2~3 servings]

✤ Paste

100g All purpose flour

10g (1Tbsp) Starch powder

55g, 1 small egg

3g (1tsp) Baking powder

3g (1tsp) Salt

2g (2Tbsp) Katsuobushi (dried tuna)

40g(6Tbsp) Milk

200ml Water

✤ Filling

100g Octopus (can be squid or shrimp)

Spring onion (or green onions)

✤ Toppings


Takoyaki Sauce (or Teriyaki Sauce)

Katsuobushi (dried tuna)


1. 55g, 1 egg, mix the eggs. 100g (10Tbsp) All purpose flour, 10g (1Tbsp) Starch powder, 3g (1tsp) Baking powder, 3g (1tsp) Salt, 40g (6Tbsp) Milk, 2g (2Tbsp) Katsuobushi (dried tuna). Finely powder the katsuobushi and add it. A more convenient method than boiling water with katsuobushi.

2. 200ml Water, mix all ingredients well. Finish with a very thin paste. Spring onion (or green onion), chop the spring onion, 100g Octopus (can be substituted with squid or shrimp). Put the octopus in boiling water and boil it for 2 minutes (time varies depending on size). Cut the octopus into nail-sized pieces.

3. Cooking oil, pour half of the paste (amount to make 2). Half put the octopus, the other half is served with spring onion. When the ends start to cook, fold them in half. It is easy to shape because the inside is not cooked. Cook on low heat until the inside is shaped and cooked.

4. Now cut into bite-size pieces, Mayonnaise, takoyaki Sauce (or Teriyaki Sauce), Katsuobushi. Catch an octopus hiding among the rocks, let’s find it and eat it. Wow, this little bite exudes a lot of umami energy. Soft and chewy.