Taiwanese Chocolate Castella Cake | Moist & Soft | How To Make Taiwanese Chocolate Castella Cake Easier

A chocolate version from the Taiwanese Castella cake that got over 33 million views. With this recipe, you can make it easier than the previous Taiwanese Castella cake. Try to make a very moist and soft chocolate castella cake! For the mold that you can take the bottom, wrap aluminum around it.Please see the description for the amount when using different size molds.


➢18cm square cake mold

45g 52-58% black chocolate

70g unsalted butter * vegetable oil is also ok

70g milk

100g flour

15g cocoa powder

6 egg yolks

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

6 egg whites

100g sugar

A pinch of salt

10g cornstarch or potato starch

25g chocolate chips

Bake in the oven with hot water at 150°C for 65-70 minutes


1. Microwave a chocolate, butter and milk.

2. Mix flour and cocoa powder. Add egg yolk, melted chocolate and butter to the flour. I don’t use baking powder this time either. You can make it without adding vanilla. As you like.

3. Make meringue with egg whites and sugar. Add cornstarch and whisk more. You can also use potato starch. We use more powder this time so that even beginners can easily make it.

4. Make a hard meringue. Add a little meringue to the batter and mix well. Then mix all the ingredients. Mix gently with a whipper. But be careful not to mix too much.

5.Pour the batter into the mold. Put this in a hot water, the hot water is about 90℃.

6. After baking for 20 minutes, put the chocolate chips on the top.

*It’s nicely baked. This cake is less likely to wither when it gets cold than the Taiwanese castella cake from the previous video. It’s really delicious while it’s freshly baked! It’s even more delicious if you eat it with whipped cream!

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