Sweet Potato Tart | How To Make A Beautiful Yellow Tart With Sweet Sweet Potatoes Easy

I made a beautiful yellow tart with sweet sweet potatoes. Sweet potatoes, which are hard to eat, are made into tarts, so they are soft and go well with honey and pistachios sprinkled on top. I like sweet potatoes so. I usually steam them and eat them often, but sometimes it’s nice to enjoy them softly like this.

▶Frame: 11cm x 2cm 2 pieces.


– Almond Cream

30g Butter

25g Sugar powder

1/8ts Vanilla extract

30g Egg

30g Almond powder

5g Cake flour

– Sweet potato cream

200g Steamed sweet potato

10g Melted butter

15g Honey

130ml Fresh cream 

Tart dough

(Recipe : https://youtu.be/htjOpE_7m-c)

Steamed sweet potato (cube shape)

Sweet potato + honey



1. (Almond cream) Put the butter in the bowl, gently loosen, mix the sugar powder and vanilla extract.

2. Add eggs and mix until smooth.

3. Add sift cake flour,almond flour and mix.

4. Put steamed sweet potato (cube shape) and almond cream on tart dough and bake in a 15 minutes for 180 degree preheated oven.

5. (Sweet Potato Cream) Put steamed sweet potatoes in the bowl, crush it, add the melted butter and honey, and mix.

6. Add fresh cream and mix gently.

7. Place the sweet potato cream on the tart and make the shape with a scraper.

8. decorat with pistachio,sweet potatoes and honey.