Strawberry Yogurt Crepe Cake | Amazing And Delicious | Strawberry Yogurt Crepe Cake Recipe

I made a fresh crepe cake with strawberries and yogurt cream. I think the colors are much prettier because the crepes are also stacked with 3 different colors to create a gradation. Grind dried strawberries in a blender, put them in crepe dough, and mix strawberry dice with yogurt and whipped cream. It is a cake full of strawberry flavor. I think it’s finished with a lot of pretty strawberries on the top, making it even more appetizing. The outside of the cake is finished with pink cream, giving it a lovely feeling. It’s definitely fresh yogurt, so it tastes richer and fresher, so I think it goes well with fruit.


4 Eggs

50g Sugar

1g Salt

3g Vanilla extract

210g Cake flour

10g Strawberry powder

500g Milk

70g Melted unsalted butter

Food coloring

450g Heavy cream

30g Sugar

50g Yogurt powder

10g Dried strawberry dice

150g Heavy cream

15g Sugar



1. Add sugar, salt, and vanilla extract to the egg and mix. Sift the soft flour and strawberry powder, add about 100g of milk, and mix.

2. Add all the remaining milk, mix, add melted unsalted butter, mix, add food coloring to color, sift through a sieve, and ferment in the refrigerator for about 30 minutes.

3. Pour a thin layer of dough into a pan over low heat and spread it. When bubbles start to appear, turn it over and cook a little more, then take it out of the pan.

4. Bake repeatedly and bake a total of 5 sheets. Add food coloring to the remaining dough and mix to make a darker colored dough. Bake 5 more sheets, then bake 5 more sheets with a darker color.

5. After cooling, cut into 15cm molds.

6. Add sugar and yogurt powder to the cold whipped cream, whip until the horns stand, add dried strawberry dice and mix.

7. Lay cream on top of the darkest crepe in order, arrange the cream on the side and put it in the refrigerator.

8. Add sugar and food coloring to cold whipped cream and whip it to make pink cream, then apply it all over the cake smoothly.

9. Put the remaining cream in a piping bag, squeeze it on the cake, and put the strawberry in the middle to finish.