Strawberry Tiramisu | Recipe Perfect Strawberry Tiramisu That Is Soft And Sweet And Melts

I made strawberry tiramisu that is soft and sweet and melts! It’s a pretty strawberry tiramisu that looks pretty and tastes really good. It is really a favorite dessert that improves to mood when we eat.



Sponge cake sheet

Coffee syrup (espresso 50ml + sugar 10g)


165g Mascarpone Cheese

20g Sugar

3g Vanilla extract

Whipped cream (fresh cream 100g + sugar 10g)

Cocoa powder

Apple mint


1. Slice the strawberry.

2. Add the Mascarpone Cheese, sugar and vanilla extract to the bowl and mix.

3. Add whipped cream and mix to complete the cream.

4. Place a cake sheet in a glass cup and add plenty of coffee syrup.

5. Place the sliced strawberries on the wall of the cup and add the cream. Repeat one more time.

6. Flat the cream on the top, then decorate with cocoa powder and apple mint.