Strawberry Castella | It Is Really Delicious | Strawberry Cream Castella Cake Recipe

I made a castella cake with a strawberry cream and a strawberry on top of a soft cake! I poured pink cream twice to decorate it, I think I dressed in a pretty ruffle skirt, so cute. It is really delicious because with a fluffy cake and strawberry cream filled in it.

▶ frame: 12cm x 5cm .


60g Plain flour

3 Egg white

60g Sugar

3 Egg yolk

15g Grape seed oil

30g Honey 

12g Milk

8g Vanilla extract

150g Whipped cream (+15g sugar)


100g whipped cream (+10g sugar)

2Ts(30ml) Strawberry Puree



Sugar powder


1. Sift Plain flour.

2. Put egg whites in bowl and whip it. When big bubble comes up, divide sugar into three and whip to make meringue.

3. Mix egg yolks one by one and mix.

4. Mix the flour in small portions.

5. Grape seed oil, honey, and milk are mixed and divided into two and mixed.

6. Add vanilla extract and mix.

7. Pour the dough into the pan and stir with a chopstick 2-3 times and bake for about 35-40 minutes in a 170 degree preheated oven.

8. Add strawberry to the whipped cream and mix them, put it in the piping bag.

9. Make a hole in the upper part of the castella and put a strawberry cream.

10. Add the strawberry puree to the whipped cream, mix and pour over the cake.

11. Decorate with strawberry, blueberry, and sugar powder.

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