Strawberry And Cherry Jelly Cake | The Most Beautiful Cake U’ve Ever Seen | Strawberry And Cherry Jelly Cake Recipe

I made a strawberry and cherry jelly cake this time. It looks delicious ,the sauce is soft.



200g Strawberries

20g Sugar

30g Jam (sour cherry)


100g Puree

0.3g Xanthan gum

1.5g Gelatin



7g Gelatin

300g Whipping cream

40g Sugar

150g Puree


16g Gelatin

60g Sugar

500g Water

3 Frozen raspberries

15g Lemon juice


Sponge Cake




1. Put strawberries and sugar in a pot and heat, turn off the heat when it comes to a boil. Add sour cherry jam here , make puree with a blender.

2. I’m going to make a sauce to put in the center of the cake. It’s not in the video, but I added gelatin too. I added xanthan gum to keep the puree stable after defrosting.

3. The mold for the sauce is 8 cm , heating plastic wrap smooth out wrinkles. Freeze it well.

4. We will use this sponge cake on the bottom of a jelly cake, the size of the cake is 14 cm.( using 8cm high baking paper to attach to the inside of the mold.)

5. Make a mousse with puree and whipped cream.\

6. Warm up the puree to about 50 degrees before adding gelatin.

7 . The mold for the mousse is 10 cm and the height is 4.5 cm , put the frozen sauce in the center.

8. Put about 2 cm of the mousse in a 14cm mold. Freeze these two molds.

9. All that left is that making jelly. Warm up to about 60 degrees, used raspberries to add some color. Strain to remove seeds.

10. Assemble the cake , add a little jelly and harden.

11. When it hardens, add the jelly on the top of the mousse. Put the fruits on it and let it cool well. Refrigerate it until the next day.