Souffle Castella Cake | Fluffy and Soft | Easy Souffle Castella Cake Recipe

It has a texture that is halfway between a soufflé cake and regular castella. It is moist and fluffy, and it is really delicious. Soufflé cake cracks easily and is difficult to make prettily, but Souffle Castella does not crack easily and anyone can make it pretty. It is an easy cake that cannot fail if you keep the temperature and meringue well. It feels very sweet for 1-2 hours after baking, but after a few hours, the sweetness decreases by half. If you eat it all within a few hours after baking, you can reduce the sugar by 30g, but. If you store it longer and then eat it, do not reduce the sugar. It tastes bland.) Can be refrigerated and thaw at room temperature before eating. Butter and milk can be melted in the microwav(However, use it after cooling it to a warm level, not hot). The cake needs to be cooled down for about 15 minutes before cutting so that the cross section is neatly cut. You can do it in the air fryer without an oven.

[20cm square cake mold]

✤ Ingredients

6 medium-sized eggs (350g)

90g soft flour

90g milk

90g butter

95g sugar

1g (2pinches) salt

3g (6~7 drops) Vanilla Essence

Chocolate pen


1. 6(350g) eggs, let the whites and yolks separate for a while. 1g Salt + 3g Vanilla Essence, stir well.

2. 90g butter + 90g milk, pour hot water into a bowl. Put the butter and milk bowl, melt it with hot water. After the butter is completely melted.

3. Pour in egg yolk, after mixing well + 90g soft flour, sift the flour through a sieve. Stir well to avoid lumps.

4. The whites alone are made into meringues. When big bubbles start to form+ 95g sugar put the sugar, add sugar 3 times. Make the meringue so that the horns do not stand up and lie down softly (important). Puppy wags its tail to welcome it.

5. Add 1-2 spoons of meringue to the egg yolk batter and mix. Stir gently to avoid foaming. Now the white and the yolk are reunited. Mix gently until it becomes one. The bottom part that is not well mixed is collected with a spatula and mixed.

6. 20cm square mold, pour the dough into a square mold. Use a skewer to draw a zigzag line (to prevent cracking and remove air bubbles). Remove air bubbles.

7. Pour hot water into the oven pan to moisten it. After moving to the oven preheated to 150℃ (302℉). Bake at 150°C (302°F) for 20 minutes and at 130°C (266°F) for 10 minutes.(Temperature may vary depending on oven specifications and baking environment).

8. After cooling for 15 minutes, cut the sides. Divide into 9 equal parts. Draw a bear’s face with a chocolate pen (optional). Completed 9 twins of teddy bears. It’s cute and when you bite it…, it’s fluffy and soft.