Sky Blue Tart Recipe | Egg-Free Dairy-Free | Make A Blue Colour Cream Tart Without Eggs

I’m making a tart without eggs and dairy products this time.

▼Ingredients 16cm Tart

Tart dough

50g Coconut oil

30g Powdered sugar

20g Almond flour

105g Flour

35g Water

-Mold 16cm x 2.5cm

-Leave the dough in the refrigerator overnight.

-Put it in a mold and let it cool in the refrigerator for 3 hours before baking.

-conventional 200℃ 15min.

Blue coconut filling

2 tbsp Cornstarch *10g

1/2 tsp Agar *2g

25g Sugar

250g Coconut milk

1/8 tsp Blue spirulina powder

-Mold 14cm

Blueberry filling

50g Coconut oil

50g Almond flour

10g Flour

60g Blueberry jam (60% fruit)

60g Blueberries

-conventional 200℃ 25min.



Blueberry jam (60% fruit)


Herbs and so on


1. using coconut oil for the tart dough , roll out the dough evenly. (If the dough wasn’t uniform, the rest of the work would be difficult.) This is called bee’s wrap. It can be washed and used many times. Leave it in the refrigerator overnight.

2 . Leave the dough at room temperature for 1 hour, can’t roll out it as it is, so make it a little softer. Don’t knead it too much. Roll out to 2.3mm in thickness.

3. The mold is 16cm x 2.5cm, apply water to the broken dough to fix it. Cut out the unnecessary parts. Let it cool in the refrigerator for 3 hours.

4. Bake it with a meshed silicone sheet ,the dough is well rested so you can bake it as it is.

5. Making a filling of coconut milk. Bring to the boil well.

6. Dissolve a natural plant-based coloring in water and add it to cream. Let the cream cool below 60℃.(The colour will be faded if you add it while the spirulina is hot.)

7. Pour into a 14 cm mold. Let the cream cool well.

8. Shape the tart dough. I’m making a blueberry filling , use low-sweetness jam like 60% fruit.

9. Apply blueberry jam and flatten. Finally it’s time to decorate. We have blueberries which seasonal fruit, coconuts, and blue colour cream tart.