Santa Ryan cake | Amazing Recipe | Christmas – Santa Ryan Strawberry cake Recipe

I made a cute Ryan Strawberry Cake with a Santa hat! Ryan is brown, so I made cream using peanut butter, and it was delicious because it was sweet and savory. I added a strawberry in the middle to add freshness and sweetness. I put strawberries on the face and hat, and the ears are small, so I used 3 sheets to match the height. I drew Ryan’s face with a chocolate pen, but it’s not difficult, so it’s easy to draw. Ryan is just too cute, but wearing a Santa hat is even cuter.


15cm sponge cake sheet


300g Whipping cream (whipped 50%)

130g Peanut Butter

Food coloring (Brown)

Sugar syrup



Whipped cream (red, white)


1. Cut 2 15cm sponge cake sheets in the shape of a hat and ears.

2. Add peanut butter and food coloring to 50% whipped cream and mix. (If you use a hand mixer, it is easier to make a soft and smooth cream~)

3. Place 1 sheet on a rotating plate, sprinkle with sugar syrup, apply cream, and put strawberries.

4. Apply cream on the strawberry, put the sheet on it, sprinkle sugar syrup, and apply cream on the top and sides.

5. Sand the strawberry and icing with cream for the hat part, just like the face part.

6. Put a hat and a hat coated with cream on the bowl, place it, draw the face of Ryan with chocolate, harden it, and place it on the cake. (I adjusted the height of the ears by overlapping 3 sheets~)

7. Squeeze the cream from the side of the chocolate and fill it with cream, and decorate the cap with white and red whipped cream.