Rose Apple Pie | Apple Tart | How To Make Rose Apple Pie filled With Delicious And Delicious Apples

I made Rose Apple Pie filled with delicious and delicious apples! The pie on which a beautiful flower is placed is very beautiful. It was full of apple flavor and it was delicious with the crispy tart sheet!


Tart sheet – 12cm


1/4 Apple

5g Sugar

1/2ts Lemon juice

1/8ts Cinnamon Powder 

1 Apple

50g Water 

15g Lemon juice

15g Water

20g Sugar

Cinnamon powder a little


1. Cut apples into small cubes.

2. Put apple, sugar, lemon juice in the pot, boil it and put in cinnamon powder and boil down.

3. Slice an apple thinly.

4. Add a sliced apple, lemon juice (15g) and water (50g) to the bowl and turn on the microwave for about 2 minutes.

5. Put on a kitchen towel to remove water.

6. Put the poached apple on the baked tart sheet and put the Overlap the apples.

7. Roll the apples and make the flower shape and put in the tart.

8. Add water, sugar and cinnamon powder to the pot and boil until thick.

9. put syrup on the pie.

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