Princess Cake | Swedish Princess Cake Beautiful Recipe

I made a princess cake, a Swedish dessert cake. This cake, called Princess Torta, is a cake with raspberry jam, pastry cream and whipped cream between sponge cake sheets, and a green marzipan on top. I made it more lovely with white and pink colors. It is a different sponge sheet with a slightly chewy and heavy feeling rather than a soft feeling with starch in the cake sheet. I put raspberry jam, custard cream, and Diplomat cream made by mixing custard and whipped cream in order, icing and hardening, then covered with marzipan and finished with flowers. I made a string with a white marzipan on the pink color and attached it to the pink color, but it was pretty because it felt like a princess. It looks pretty, but it tastes really good too, so I think I can see why the Swedish princesses liked it. It looks like something out of a fairy tale, so it’s a happy cake that makes you smile just by looking at it.



2 Egg yolks

35g Sugar 

12g Corn starch

200g Hot milk 

1/8ts Vanilla bean paste 

3 Eggs

100g Sugar

2g Vanilla extract

10g Milk 

90g Plain flour

30g Corn starch

120g Almond powder 

100g Powdered sugar

15g Water 

25g Honey

Food coloring (white, red)

130g Custard Cream 

100g Whipping cream (+10g sugar)

40g Raspberry jam


1. Mix egg yolk and sugar, add corn starch, mix, pour in hot milk little by little, mix, add vanilla bean paste, and mix.

2. Put it on low heat, stir and heat until thickened, then transfer to another bowl, cover and cool.

3. Add sugar and vanilla extract to eggs, whip with a hand mixer until rich ivory foam is formed, add milk and mix.

4. Sift the wheat flour and cornstarch, mix, divide the dough in half and bake in an oven preheated to 180 degrees for 15 minutes to make 2 sheets.

5. After cooling the sheet, cut it with an 8.8cm cookie cutter and prepare it.

6. Pour the cooled custard cream through a sieve to soften it. Add 130g of sugar and mix with the whipped cream to make the Diplomat Cream. Put the remaining custard cream in a piping bag.

7. Put 1 sheet on a plate, put raspberry jam on it, put another sheet on it, then put custard cream on it and put another sheet on it.

8. Apply Diplomat Cream all over, round the top and put it in the freezer.

9. Sift almond powder and sugar powder in a bowl, add water and honey, mix, then add white food coloring and mix.

10. Take a little dough, add red food coloring and mix to make a light pink marzipan.

11. Spread the marzipan wide, cut it into rounds, cover the cake, and finish it smooth.

12. Make flowers with leftover marzipan and decorate.