Potato Cheese Donuts | Crispy and Soft | Potato Cheese Donuts instead of Flour | Super Delicious

I used delicious potato instead of flour for Potato cheese donuts. The outside is crispy but inside is very soft. Onion is added to make it even more delicious. Delicious soft potato and mozzarella cheese in crispy donuts! It tastes fantastic! Try it with Ketchup. Mozzarella cheese is very good with soft potatoes. Onion makes the taste even better. The more potatoes, the tastier. Try it someday.


2.5~3 Potatoes

2 Eggs


Mozzarella Cheese

Potato Starch


Bread crumbs


1, 3 Potatoes (400g), cut. Make potato’s belly flat. It will be easier to lay and cut.

2. Add 4TBSP of water. 9 minutes in the microwave (Adjust the time). I checked it every 3 minutes but it is optional.

3. After 3 minutes cooking, I mixed potatoes to cook evenly. Cook another 3 minutes in the microwave. Remove the excess water. (You can cook potatoes on the stove instead of the microwave.)

4. 3 minutes more in the microwave (Total 9 minutes). Poke potatoes gently to check it is fully cooked.

5. 1 Teaspoon of salt and enough pepper. Mash potatoes. Add 3 Tablespoons of potato starch.

6. Come on, Onion! I will use onion like the doughnut mold. Mozzarella cheese (Optional), cut in the similar size of onion. You can use sliced mozzarella cheese if it is easier to get in your area.

7. Put mozzarella cheese along the inside of the onion. (Because of potato starch, it looks like normal dough. But do not add too much potato starch. The original taste of potato is better.)

8. Attach potatoes around onion, add enough potatoes. Perfect doughnut shape. Hide and seek. Hide it perfectly. Good!

9. Let’s go to prepare the batter. Flour 4 tbsp. Eggs + 1/3 Teaspoon of salt. Bread crumbs.

10. Dip into the flour, cover it carefully. Wearing pretty yellow egg, finally, bread crumbs. Press. Press to attach bread crumbs well.

11. Medium heat, enough cooking oil. Preheating the cooking oil is important to get crispy donut (Check bubbles). It is heavier than normal doughnut. Be careful not to splash the oil. Do not touch it often. Wait and turn it over when the bottom is fried crispy.