Perfect Carrot Roll Cake Recipe | How To Make Carrot Roll Cake At Home

I made a carrot cream cheese roll cake with a cute carrot pattern.

The typical carrot cake sheet is brittle and heavy, so I applied the roll cake dough and added carrots, pecans, and cinnamon powder to make the carrot cake taste.

As it is a roll cake sheet, it dries well and has a soft feel, so it is softer and more delicious.

The carrot cake also has a cream cheese cream that gives it a rich taste, and it’s hard cream, so it’s good to hold the shape.

Carrots are added to it, making it moist and roasted, giving it a sweet flavor and it’s really delicious.


4 Egg yolks

20g Brown sugar

1g Salt

50g Milk

30g Vegetable oil

3g Vanilla extract

70g Cake flour

10g Almond powder

2g Baking powder

2g Cinnamon powder

4 Egg whites

70g Sugar

50g Carrot

20g Pecan


90g Heavy cream

25g Sugar

170g Cream cheese

3g Lemon juice

Decorative cream (120g cream cheese, 18g sugar, 60g heavy cream, 2g lemon juice)


1. Add brown sugar and salt to egg yolk and mix, then add milk, vegetable oil, and vanilla extract and mix.

2. Sift the soft flour, almond powder, baking powder, and cinnamon powder and mix.

3. Whip the cold egg whites and when large bubbles start to appear, divide the sugar into 3 portions and whip to make a meringue with horns.

4. Pour the mixed dough into the main dough and mix, then add carrots cut with a sharp knife and chopped pecans and mix.

5. Pour into the mold, flatten it, bake in an oven preheated to 170 degrees for 23 minutes, cool and cut off the edges.

6. Whip the whipped cream with sugar, and when bubbles start to rise, add cream cheese and lemon juice and whip it to make cream.

7. Apply cream on the sheet, roll it up and wrap it in parchment paper, and then harden it in the refrigerator for 2 hours.

8. In the same way, make decorative cream and apply it thinly on the top of the cake. Color the cream and squeeze the carrot shape for decoration.