Oreo cake | Stylish And Pretty | How To Make Oreo Cake Decorated With White Whipped Cream And Crushed Oreos

I made an Oreo cake decorated with white whipped cream and crushed Oreos, then sanded and decorated with Oreos! Cut the cake sheet to about 1cm and use 4, the layer is pretty and the fresh cream mixed with Oreo is sweet. If you eat each Oreo decorated on the cake, it’s crispy and it’s a pretty cake that is fun to eat. It takes a little time to make and the process is a little tricky, but it was a cake with a sense of pride after making it. The color is also black & white, so it’s stylish and pretty.


Whipped cream -for sand (fresh cream200g +sugar 20g)

50g Oreo powder

4 chocolate cake sheets (size: 16cm x 1cm)

(Recipe: https://youtu.be/e3amCkUO1ME)

Sugar syrup

Whipped cream – for icing (fresh cream 200g+sugar 30g)

15g Oreo powder

Ganache (dark chocolate 100g+fresh cream 75g)



1. Put the Oreo powder in the whipped cream (for sand), mix it and put it in the piping bag.

2. Put sugar syrup on chocolate cake sheet, sandwich Oreo cream and cover with cake sheet. Repeat 2 more times.

3. icing with cream, coat Oreo powder in the bottom of the cake.

4. Decorate with ganache,cream and oreo.

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