No Oven, No Butter, No Egg | Make Easy Homemade Bread in Fry pan

The mild yoghurt flavor and the mild taste are so good.


200g bread flour

160g plain yogurt (sugar-free)

15g sugar

2g salt

3g of yeast


1. 200g bread flour, 15g sugar, 3g yeast, 2g salt, 160g plain yogurt (sugar-free). Mix until there is no powder.

2. Knead by hand (10 minutes). Cover with cling wrap and ferment in a warm place to double size, let the air out.

3. Make it into a lump, divide by 5, make round. Cover with cling wrap and leave for 10 minutes.

4. Apply bread flour to the underside, flatten it out slightly. Don’t be too flat about this size, put it on the frying pan. Close the lid and ferment (about 40 minutes).

5. It’s already been 40 minutes, set it on the lowest fire. Close the lid and bake until the underside is golden brown. Close the lid again and bake evenly. If the bread returns to its original state immediately when pressed lightly, it is done.