No-Bake Oreo Chocolate Cheesecake Recipe | BEST Oreo Cheesecake Recipe

I made a chewy and soft Oreo triple chocolate cheesecake.

It is a combination of delicious + delicious by using all three types of chocolate and adding Oreos.

It is hardened using less gelatin, but it has a chewy feel, and it is good because you can enjoy various flavors at once.

Cut the Oreo in half and put it on the top, so it looks like you’re wearing an Oreo crown.

It takes a short time to harden in the freezer, but if you want to harden in the refrigerator, please increase the time by 2 times or more.


150g Cream cheese

3 Oreos

20g Sugar

2g Vanilla extract

3g Lemon juice

3g Gelatin

70g Whipped heavy cream (whipped up 50%)


80g Crushed oreo (without cream)

30g Melted unsalted butter

55g Cream cheese

8g Sugar

35g Dark couverture chocolate

1g Gelatin

40g Heavy cream

125g Cream cheese

15g Sugar

55g Milk couverture chocolate

2g Gelatin

75g Heavy cream

150g Cream cheese

15g Sugar

90g White couverture chocolate

3g Gelatin

90g Heavy cream


1. Add Oreo cream to cream cheese, add sugar, vanilla extract, and lemon juice and mix.

2. Soak in cold water for about 10 minutes, drain the water, and microwave for about 10 seconds, add melted gelatin, mix, and mix with thinly whipped whipped cream.

3. Crush the Oreo cookies, mix, pour 12 cm of mustard, flatten, and harden in the freezer for 2 hours.

4. Add melted unsalted butter to the crushed Oreo cookies, mix, put in a 15cm mold, and press flat to harden in the refrigerator.

5. Add sugar to cream cheese and mix, add melted dark couverture chocolate, mix, add melted gelatin, mix, add whipped cream and mix.

6. Take out the cheesecake that has hardened at 12cm, place it in the center of the 15cm mold, put the dark chocolate dough on it and flatten it, then harden it in the freezer for about 20 minutes.

7. Make the milk chocolate and white chocolate dough in the same way, pour the milk chocolate dough into it, flatten it, and then harden it in the freezer for about 20 minutes.

8. Pour the white chocolate batter and flatten it, then harden it in the freezer for 2 hours.

9. Take it out of the mold and place Oreos on top to finish.