Mille Crepe | How To Make Mille Crepe In Paris Tastes Like Canelé And Is Very Delicious.

I’m making a mille crepe in this video. A crepe from a bakery shop in Paris tastes like canelé and is very delicious. Today, I made a mille crepe with the crepe from the store. I bought milk, olive oil, eggs and butter at the local market. Before making the crepe, make a gianduja to put on the mille crepe first.


➢20 crepes 17cm

200g all-purpose flour

*Or 100g bread flour and 100g cake flour

100g sugar

A pinch of salt(0.5g)

2 eggs

400g milk

50g dark rum

50g melted butter(unsalt)*Not 25g

1 tbsp vanilla extract


75g hazelnuts

15g powdered sugar

25g olive oil

75g milk chocolate


200g whipping cream

200g mascarpone

*If the fat content of the fresh cream is 35% or more, you can make it without using mascarpone. In that case, the whipping cream is 35% 400g.


1. Bake hazelnuts at 150 ° C for 30-40 minutes. Make nuts and powdered sugar into a paste in a food processor. Add olive oil to prevent the chilled Gianduja from hardening.

2. Mix it with melted milk chocolate. Mix the chocolate and the paste in a bowl.

3. Pour gianduja into the decoration mold.

4. Remove air bubbles. Freeze it in the freezer.

5. Making the crepe dough , you can use commercial milk for the crepe. Put it in a pot and warm it to about room temperature.

6. Melt unsalted butter before use. Add sugar and salt to the flour. Add an egg and milk, and then mix it with a whipper. Mix the flour little by little. Add the rest of the milk.

7. Add rum, melted butter and vanilla.

8. Warm the pan to 180-200 ° C and maintain the temperature on low heat. Put some oil before baking each time.

9. At first, bake it thickly and taste it while it’s warm. If you put rum and vanilla together, the taste will be like canelé. A thin crepe is good for the mille crepe, so I will bake it thinner than this. Bake just the right amount to spread the dough to the size of a pan.

10. Bake one side for 1 minute 30 seconds and turn it over, then 1 more minute.

11. Wrap it to prevent it from drying out.

12. Make cream for the mille crepe. Whip the cream while cooling the bowl with ice. This cream is made by adding the same amount of mascarpone to 30% fresh cream.(If the cream is 35% or more, it’s OK making it without mascarpone.) Add sugar and then whisk it.

13. Decorate with hazelnuts, pistachios . Harden the cream in the refrigerator a little and then cut it.