Milk Cookies | 4 main ingredients | Good Snack | Making Milk Cookies The Outside is Crispy and The Inside is Sweet

I made cookies with simple ingredients. When you suddenly want to eat sweets, you can make and eat it casually. If you take the butter out at room temperature in advance, it will be crushed well. You can use other type of flour other than weak flour, but weak flour goes well with crispy cookies. You can use other starches other than potato starch. Salt and sugar can be adjusted according to your taste. It is also possible with an air-fryer.




Soft flour

Starch powder




1. Butter 30g drop + sugar 35g (Sugar adjustable) + salt 1/2 teaspoon. Mash and make it into sweet salty butter. If you mashed all, put sieve up.

2. Soft flour 90g . Shake it with excitement.This time + 60g of starch powder.(Something feels thirsty). Milk soothes thirst, milk 60ml

3. Now that all the ingredients are gathered, just mix them comfortably. The ingredients are simple and the method is also simple.

4. Now that it’s mixed up, it’s time for your hands to step out. Knead the dough and press it together. After about five minutes, the surface became smooth. Let’s make the dough pretty and wrap it up.

5. Take this to the cutting board. Push it flat with a rolling pin. Make it angular. Prepare to cut, cut off the edges. Mark with sharp eye measurement. The size of the snack depends on your preference,

6. Put paper foil on top of the oven pan. Put the dough on top. 160℃ preheat 10 minutes / 160℃ bake 25 to 30 minutes. Milk cookies appear. Milk cookies that are white. But if you turn it upside down, it’s golden brown. It’s crispy on the outside, sweet and mild on the inside.