Milk Bread | 4 Main Ingredients | Simple Making of Milk Bread Ưith no-Oven

It is a recipe that you can make and eat milk bread at home without oven and bread frame with simple ingredients. It’s soft, fluffy and delicious. It’s the best to eat this with a cup of milk.



Plain flour






1. The warm milk 230g needs to be warm to ferment well +yeast 4g melt the yeast well. Stir until the yeast is out of sight.Sugar 35g + salt 4g. Melt sugar and salt well too.

2. Now add 30g of melted butter, put general flour 300g in then, all ingredients are gathered. Mix them like cutting into 11 characters shape with a spatula upright.

3. Repeat until there is no raw powder. Once all the raw powder is gone then, it’s complete. The dough is well done (proud).

4. Put the dough on a wrap or a plastic bag. Ferment the dough at warm room temperature until it is doubled. (Fermented dough for about an hour).

5. Put cooking oil on hands so that the dough doesn’t stick. Take the dough out from the bowl, lightly knead the dough.

※ Apply cooking oil on hands to make the entire dough smooth.

6. When the dough is smooth, stretch it long. If it is stretched long, now divide them into equal size. Six or seven dividing looks good. Cut it into seven pieces.

7. Pick up a piece of dough. Make it round. Work hard to roll the knead. The wonderful guys who will soon become bread.

8. Pour an appropriate amount of cooking oil into the inner pot of the rice cooker. Dealing with hands.

9. Now put the dough one by one. Put it in an electric rice cooker for the second fermentation. Leave the dough in the rice cooker and keep it warm for 10 minutes. After 10 minutes, cancel the keeping warm. Let stand for 50 minutes (2nd fermentation).

10. All fermented process finished dough. Now, let’s turn to be bread. All-round steaming 35 minutes. Milk bread appears.

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