Melon Eclair Recipe | Small And Cute | Melon Custard Cream That Goes Well With Summer

I made an eclair filled with melon custard cream! There are many kinds of melons these days, so I used two melons of different colors as decoration. I baked small eclairs and they are cute. I think it’s a cool looking eclair that goes well with summer because of the melon’s color.

▶About 10 pieces.


– Melon Custard Cream

2 Egg yolk

30g Sugar

12g Corn starch 

100g Hot milk

2g Vanilla extract

100g Melon juice

– Choux pastry

25g Butter

30g Water

30g Milk

3g Sugar

1/8ts Salt

38g Cake flour

1 Egg

– Decoration

Melon & Red Melon

Whipped cream

Apple mint


1. Put the egg yolk in a bowl and loosen it, then add sugar and cornstarch and mix.

2. Pour in hot milk and vanilla extract little by little, mix, add melon juice, mix, put in a pot and boil over low heat until thickened.

3. Transfer it to another bowl, cover it with the wrap close to the surface, and cool it.

4. Put butter, milk, water, sugar and salt in a pot and heat until the butter is completely dissolved, then remove from the heat.

5. Sift the soft flour, mix, heat over low heat until a thin film forms on the bottom, then transfer to another bowl and cool.

6. Add eggs, mix, pan in an oven pan, sprinkle with water, and bake in an oven preheated to 160 degrees for 40 to 45 minutes.

7. Cut out red melons and melons with a flower cutter.

8. Make a hole in the bottom of the shoe and fill it with cream.

9. Garnish with whipped cream, melon and apple mint.

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