Melon Crepe Cake | Beautiful Multi-layered Melon Crepe Cake Recipe

I made a melon crepe cake topped with fragrant and fresh melons. I think it gives a different and neat feeling just with melon without any other special decorations. It is better to use a fresh melon because it is difficult to shape a melon that is too ripe. I made the cream soft, and it is moist and soft when eaten. It’s better if you whip the whipped cream a little more than in the video and then add cold cream cheese. The melon scent is mild overall, and when I eat the melon and crepe together, it adds moisture and makes it more moist. It was even more delicious when I used zetzel fruit.

▶Mold size Mold size : 12cm.


3 Eggs

35g Sugar

0.5g Salt

2g Vanilla extract

150g Cake flour

375g Milk

50g Melted unsalted butter


300g Heavy cream

45g Sugar

150g Cream cheese


1. Add sugar, salt, and vanilla extract to the egg and mix. Sift the soft flour, add a little milk, and mix.

2. Add all the remaining milk, mix, add melted unsalted butter, mix, filter through a sieve, and marinate in the refrigerator for about 30 minutes.

3. Stir the dough once, pour it into a pan heated over low heat, cook it thinly, and when bubbles rise, turn it over and cook a little more.

4. Cool the baked crepe and cut it into a 12cm square.

5. Whip the whipped cream with sugar, and when bubbles start to rise, add cream cheese and whip it, then put it in a piping bag.

6. Put Moustie on the mold, put one crepe, squeeze the cream, then put the crepe on top and repeat 2 more times to stack 4 sheets.

7. Squeeze the cream on the crepe, put the sliced ​​melon on top, squeeze the cream and put the crepe on top.

8. In the same way, stack one more time, level the cream on the top and harden it in the refrigerator for 3 hours.

9. Remove the mold and mustard, and put the melon cut in a circle on the top to finish.

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