Mango Crepe Cake | How To Make Mango Crepe Cake Fantastic

I made a mango crepe cake with a different shape by rolling the crepe cake. Like a roll cake, I rolled a crepe with cream and mango, rolled it up and made it sideways, but the cut cross section was unique and different. The outer surface is neatly coated with a glaze with mango puree, which gives it a luxurious feel. If you make buttercream and harden it in the refrigerator, it retains its shape well, and the cream goes well with the taste of mango. I think the mango slices should be cut as thinly as possible to dry them well. It’s a cake with a shape I’ve never seen before, so the process is many and complicated, but I made it in a fun way.


3 Eggs

40g Sugar

1g Salt

150g Cake flour 

375g Milk

50g Melted unsalted butter


300g Unsalted butter

250g Powdered sugar 

100g Whipping cream

10g Vanilla extract 

80g Mango puree

100g White chocolate

40g Whipping cream

60g Starch syrup 

5g Gelatin sheet

80g Warm mango puree

Food coloring (orange, yellow, white)


1. Mix the eggs with sugar and salt, sift the soft flour and add about 100g of milk and mix.

2. Add all the remaining milk, mix, add melted unsalted butter, mix, filter through a sieve, and rest in the refrigerator for 1 hour.

3. Put the pan on low heat, grease it with cooking oil, pour the dough, spread it out, and when bubbles rise, turn it over and cook it a little more. Remove from the pan and cool.

4. Soften the unsalted butter that has softened at room temperature, divide the sugar powder into 2 batches and whip it, then add the whipped cream and vanilla extract and whip it sufficiently for 5 minutes or more until it becomes rich.

5. Add mango puree and whip to finish.

6. Divide the cooled crepes into 3 equal parts, attach 2-3 crepes, apply cream, and roll.

7. Connect crepes, apply cream, put sliced ​​mango on top, cover with cream, and roll over again.

8. When it is rolled up to a certain extent, apply cream on one side and place on a plate with the creamed side facing down.

9. Apply cream and put the crepes topped with mango one at a time to make them adhere closely. Apply the cream smoothly and harden in the refrigerator for at least 5 hours.

10. Take out the hardened cake again and apply cream to arrange it.

11. Put fresh cream and starch syrup in the white chocolate, melt in the microwave for about 30 seconds, add warm mango puree, mix, then add soaked gelatin and mix.

12. Add food coloring to color, filter through a sieve, pour over cake to coat, and harden in the refrigerator for 20 minutes.

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