Macaron Icebox Cake | So Freaking Cute And Pretty | Macaron Icebox Cake Recipe

I made a frozen icebox cake with cream by baking pastel-tone macarons in three colors. I used macaron coque instead of cookies, and it went well with cream cheese cream and it was really delicious. When I ate it frozen with cream, it felt like eating ice cream. I think it’s fun to eat because the colors are pretty and the macaron coke is chewy. On top, I cut the remaining coke by hand and put it naturally to finish it, but the coke on the top adds crunchiness. I think it would be easy and good to eat it naturally on a plate without using a mousse.

▶Mold size: 15cm x 7cm.


100g Almond powder 

80g Powdered sugar 

80g Egg white

80g Sugar 

Food coloring (red, blue, purple, white)

200g Cold cream cheese 

50g Sugar 

300g Whipping cream


1. Whip the egg whites and when large bubbles appear, divide the sugar and whip to make a hard meringue.

2. Sift the prepared almond powder and sugar powder, mix, divide the dough into 3 parts, give each color, and make macaronage.

3. After panning and flattening in an oven pan, dry at room temperature until a film forms on the surface of the macarons and does not stick when touched, bake in an oven preheated to 150 degrees for 15 minutes and cool.

4. Add sugar to cold cream cheese and mix, add fresh cream and whip to make cream.

5. Put the cockle on the frame and top with the cream. Repeat 2 more times and freeze for 3 hours in the freezer.