Lemon Macaron | How To Make Lemon Macaron Cute

I made a lemon macaron with a fresh color. I baked small and thin coke and drew a lemon shape to make it cute. You can add lemon juice to the cream and enjoy it with a subtle lemon scent. If you want to make the lemon flavor stronger, you can add lemon zest. I used 869k pods for the cream squeezer, but they are large, so I squeezed them out once and then sanded them to get a pretty shape. This time, I made it with French meringue, but I think it feels a little softer than the coque made with Swiss meringue. I drew the lemon cross section with melted white chocolate on the coke decoration, but since it’s summer, the chocolate can melt easily. I think you can use it to make icing by mixing egg white, sugar powder, and lemon juice. I think it’s a macaron that makes you feel fresh and good just by looking at it.


_ Coque _

50g Almond powder 

40g Powdered sugar

40g Egg white

40g Sugar 

Food coloring (Yellow, White)

_ Lemon butter cream _

20g Egg yolk 

20g Sugar 

10g Corn starch

30g Lemon juice

70g Hot milk

80g Unsalted butter 

30g Powdered sugar

Melted white chocolate


1. Sift almond powder and sugar powder twice to prepare. (Please throw away the remaining coarse almond powder to make a smooth coke~)

2. While whipping the egg whites, when large bubbles appear, divide the sugar and add food coloring while whipping to make a hard meringue.

3. Divide the powder in 2 batches, mix, and make macaronage. When it comes to a point where it falls off heavy, put it in a piping bag.

4. After panning and flattening in an oven pan, dry at room temperature for 1 hour, then bake in an oven preheated to 160°C for 5 minutes, and in an oven at 130°C for 10 minutes.

5. Mix egg yolk, sugar, and cornstarch in a pot, add lemon juice, mix, and pour hot milk little by little to mix.

6. Put on low heat, stir and heat until thickened, then remove from heat and cool.

7. Soften unsalted butter, add sugar powder and mix, then add (6) and mix.

8. Using melted white chocolate, draw a lemon cross-section on the coke and harden, then sand the cream and harden in the refrigerator for about 30 minutes.