Jelly Cheese Cake | Strawberry Jelly Cream Cheese Mousse Cake Recipe

I made a mousse cake with soft strawberry jelly and cream cheese! The transparent red and white color is pretty, and the sweet strawberry flavored jelly and the fresh cream cheese mousse go well together, I think it’s a pretty dessert. The jelliing jellies are fun and the colors are pretty, so you can eat them with your eyes again.

▶mold: 15cm x 4.5cm.


70g Crushed whole wheat cookies

30g Melted butter

6g Leaf gelatine

200g Cream cheese

80g Plain Yogurt

60g Sugar

1ts Vanilla extract

100g whipped cream

Strawberry Jelly Mix

Food coloring (red)


1. Crush the whole-wheat cookies and mix them with melted butter. Lay them flat on the bottom of the mousse frame.

2. Gelatin is put in cold water for more than 10 minutes.

3. Add cream cheese and plain yogurt to the bowl, mix with sugar and vanilla extract.

4. Add whipped cream and mix, Turn gelatin into microwave for 10 seconds, dissolve completely and mix in dough.

5. Pour into a mousse frame and 1 hour in the Freezer.

6. Make the jelly according to the recipe of the strawberry jelly mix
and pour it on the mousse and let it harden in the fridge for 1-2 hours.