I didn’t Know Marshmallow Was So Simple To Make | Strawberry Marshmallow Recipe

I made a lovely strawberry marshmallow. I put dried strawberries on the white layer and strawberry jam on the pink layer, so the strawberry scent is subtle and delicious. It feels so soft to the touch that it makes me feel better too. When boiling the syrup, take enough time over low heat and boil it to about 115 degrees so that the volume comes out abundantly. I can’t eat much because it’s sweet, but if I eat one or two, it’s sweet and has a good texture, so it’s delicious.


15g Gelatin sheet

200g Sugar

80g Water

150g Corn syrup

4g Vanilla extract

5g Dried strawberry

15g Strawberry jam 


1. Grease the mold with cooking oil and coat it with starch.

2. Put gelatin in cold water and soak it.

3. Put sugar, water, and starch syrup in a pot and boil it over low heat to 115~118 degrees, then pour it into a bowl.

4. Squeeze the water of the gelatin into (3), add vanilla extract, and mix gently to dissolve the gelatin.

5. Whip for about 4 minutes until the volume increases and the viscosity becomes firm.

6. Put a small amount in another bowl, add dried strawberries to the remaining marshmallow dough, mix, and pour into the mold.

7. Color the marshmallow dough in another bowl with strawberry jam and food coloring. Put it in a piping bag, squeeze it on the white dough, and harden it at room temperature for 2 hours.

8. Sprinkle starch on the hardened marshmallows, take them out of the mold and cut them.