How To Make Vanilla Chiffon Cake | Basic Cake Recipe | Easy Cake Recipe

How to make Super Moist and Fluffy vanilla chiffon cake. It is a easy and delicious basic Cake recipe, easy Cake Recipe and simple recipe. Recipe ingredients are so simple that anyone can make this cake.

▶Correct Subtitle: Cake flour 50g, Baking powder 2g

▶Frame Size: Diameter 15cm, Height 7cm


3 egg yolks

Salt 1g

Sugar 30g

Water 30g

Vegetable oil 30g

Vanilla Extract 2ml

Cake flour 50g

Baking powder 2g

3 egg whites + sugar 50g


1. 3 Egg. 3 Egg yolk. Put the egg whites in the refrigerator.

2. 1g Salt, mix eggs first, then add sugar. Mix the eggs first, then add sugar. If you mix the eggs and sugar together, the sugar will stick to the surface of the egg yolk, they don’t mix well. Then, the soft taste will not be good, neither.( Important ).

3.Mix eggs first, then add sugar. 30g Sugar, mix.

4. 30g Water +30g Vegetable oil + 2ml Vanilla Extract. Mix until light and foamy. (important). If it is light and foamy, it is a succes. Cake flour 50g, Baking powder 2g. Mix until there is no lump.

5. Bring egg whites from the fridge.3 egg whites(Chilled), divide sugar(50g) three times. Meringue is very important. Divide the meringue three times.

6. Mix the first and second with a whisk. At the end, mix with a spatula. Hit the mold from top to bottom. (Reason: remove bubbles).

7. Bake in preheated oven at 170°C (338°F) for 35 minutes. Turn it over immediately and let it cool down. (If you turn it over when it cools, the steam in cake will escape well and you will be able to keep Intact cake shape).

8. Let it cool down completely. Remove the chiffon frame. The inside of the cake is well made. It was baked so delicious.
Because it feels soft and fluffy, so yummy. Please try.

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