How To Make Melon Frog – Fruit and Vegetable Carving Garnish – Food Art

Let’s make a frog for this summer vacation and holidays.

It’s fun to put a hollowed out jelly or watermelon together.


1  melon

400ml calpico

10g  Gelatin powder

400mll Acerola juice

10g  Gelatin powder

7-8 blueberry

[How to make]

(1) Put acerola juice in a bowl, heat it to about 80 ° C in a microwave oven, sprinkle gelatin powder, mix well, dissolve it, cool it overnight in the refrigerator, harden it, and hollow it out with a spoon.
(Same for Calpis)

(2) Cut the melon like a frog, cut out the fruit with a hollow spoon, and put it in the melon together with the jelly of (1).
Add blueberries as well.