Heart Spinach Bun | How to Make Natural Green Steamed Buns | Great TIPS Inside

Today I made a heart spinach bun to share with you. My little girl who doesn’t like to eat vegetables, so I made some different kinds of steamed buns. You can try the nutritious and delicious spinach buns.


This recipe can make 8 buns

300g All purpose flour / 2cup+1tbsp

3g Yeast / 1 tsp

10g Sugar / 3/4 tbsp

10g Butter / 1/3oz

170g Spinach Juice / 6oz


1. Prepare some spinach, we clean it, because there is too much fiber on the stem, we only take the green leaves. Boil the pot for one minute to remove the oxalic acid in the spinach.

2. Place the spinach in a basin to let cool, then put it in a blender to puree spinach. Add 2g of baking soda before beating. Can make the steamed gambling buns not turn yellow and retain the original emerald green and don’t add water to the spinach the water in the spinach leaves is enough when cooking spinach. (Too much moisture affects the color of the steamed buns).

3. After the spinach puree is made, let’s make the dough now. Add 3g yeast and 10g sugar to 300g all-purpose flour, then add 170g of the pureed spinach. Stir it into dough and add 10g butter. Can make the surface of steamed buns brighter. If you don’t have butter at home, you can use vegetable oil instead.

4. Knead into a dough, here the dough does not need to be kneaded too smooth. After pressing the dough a few times, it becomes smooth. It can be rolled out a little bit to make it easier to put in the noodle press.

5. The noodle press is adjusted to the thickest width and folded back and forth into a smooth noodle. Then set the noodle machine to gear 5, press into a dough sheet with a thickness of about 2mm.

6. Flatten the pressed dough sheet on the chopping board, use a round mold to press into a round dough piece. The mold I use is 7.5cm in diameter, you can use a cup or a lid if you don’t have a mold.

7. We put the pressed dough aside for use, take a piece of dough and brush it with a thin layer of oil. Then put on the second patch. Then brush the oil, and then put the next one, a total of 4 sheets are needed. Take a chopstick and press it in the middle, then fold the stack of noodles in half, press again with chopsticks in the middle then pinch the two corners together so that the three-dimensional shape comes out. Then flip it 90 degrees and put it upright. Use chopsticks to press it in the middle, and a peach heart shape comes out, let’s sort it out a bit and squeeze it a bit thinner (Because it will expand to both sides during the fermentation process, it will become fat after steaming).

8. We put the squeezed buns in the steamer and put the lid on. Ferment at room temperature for about 40 minutes, the temperature of my home is about 25 degrees, fermented steamed buns in a cold water pot, steam for 12 minutes after the water is boiled. Then let it be stuffy for 3 minutes before removing the lid, the steaming spinach buns are out of the pot.

9. Let’s pick it up and take a look after it’s cool, it’s very gorgeous green and the surface is very shiny.