Have You Tried a Japanese Fluffy Yogurt Cake | Low in Calories and Fat | Fluffy Japanese Souffle Cake From Made Yogurt

This cake is low in calories and fat. Of course, you can make it with zero-calorie sugar. The point of this recipe is not to whip the meringue too much. The cake will crack. You don’t need many ingredients, so it’s easy to make! It’s a very fluffy and soft cake.


➢Cake Mold 15〜18cm. (6in.〜7in.)

300g unsweetened yogurt (1.05 cup)

3 egg yolks

54g flour (6 Tbsp)

3 egg whites

84g sugar (7 Tbsp)


1 tbsp lemon juice



1. I used Greek yogurt. You can make it with regular yogurt. Add lemon juice if you like but you can make it without it. Please add 1 tablespoon of sugar if you add lemon juice.

2. Keep the all ingredients at room temperature.

3. I used a 15cm cake mold, but you can also make it with an 18cm mold at the same temperature and time.

4. Make meringue. Do not whip the meringue until it hardens. If there are too many bubbles, the cake will swell and crack. The smell of the eggs is strong, so I recommend adding vanilla.

5. If you have a large oven, bake it in the middle. Invert the cake in 30 minutes. If the cake is not browned after baking for 60 minutes, bake at 180℃ for a few more minutes.

6. You can take out the cake after cooling it for at least 10 minutes. It’s a very fluffy and soft cake. It’s delicious and low in calories and fat!