Grapefruit cake | Fantastic Combination Of Grapefruit, Yogurt, And White Chocolate | Grapefruit Cake Really Good.

This time it’s a grapefruit cake. It’s a cake that I really, really long ago devised a design and changed recipes several times. I had been putting it off for a while, but now I thought I had to finish it. Thes Grapefruit Cake is a fantastic combination of Grapefruit, yogurt, and white chocolate. It tastes nice and soft, and the citrus scent spreads in your mouth. I don’t like to eat grapefruit itself, but strangely, grapefruit cake really tastes good. This recipe can be made with the juice of about 1 grapefruit. And I made it into a mini size to give it a more Grapefruit feel. I used a water drop-shaped cookie cutter to make the grapefruit pattern on the top of the cake. After cutting out the jelly with a cutter, I arranged it on the bottom of the cake and poured the cream. In this way, if the cake is flipped up later, you will get a smooth top. After making it, I think it resembles an orange-shaped handmade candy.  But still, the neat appearance seems to go well with.

▼Ingredients (one ⌀ 12cm mini cake)

♥︎grapefruit jelly

90g grapefruit juice

30 g sugar

3.5 g gelatin

♥︎Grapefruit cream (10cm mousse ring)

12 g sugar

3 g corn starch

65 g grapefruit juice

A little grapefruit zest

2 g gelatin

40g white chocolate

25g unsalted butter

♥︎ yogurt mousse

Warm grapefruit juice 20g

3.5 g gelatin

140g fresh cream

70 g plain yogurt

25 g sugar

♥︎ biscuits (33x22cm square fan)

2 egg yolks

10 g sugar

25g milk

20 g vegetable oil

40 g soft flour

2 egg whites + 40g sugar

▼ Recipe

1. Heat the juice to 40 ℃ + 30gr sugar (if you boil grapefruit too long, the color will fade.) I used about 3.5 g of gelatin for the texture, but if it is increased to 4 g, it becomes more stable jelly.

2. I put a cling wrap under the mousse ring, which is 12cm in diameter. This jelly has to be hardened long in the refrigerator.

3. Mix the 12g sugar and 3g corn starch evenly in advance. Boil it slowly over low heat. When the starch is cooked and boils, remove it from the heat. Sorry for missing the scene that I put 2g soaked gelatin before adding chocolate.

4. I put cling wrap under the low mousse ring with a diameter of 10 cm.

5. After measuring the egg white, put it in the refrigerator to keep it cold. In 40 seconds after whipping the egg whites at medium speed, add 1/3 of sugar and beat. And add 1/3 of sugar every 30 seconds.

6. Take 1/3 of the meringue and mix it into the yolk batter. Then add all the remaining meringues and mix evenly.

7. Cover the sheet to prevent it from drying out and let it cool.

8. Grapefruit jelly softens slightly at room temperature. So, I put it in the freezer for at least 30 minutes before cutting. Arrange it well with the smooth and unscathed face down. It’s good to use a spatula to arrange.

9. Before making the cream, prepare it in advance and put it in the refrigerator. After removing the cream from the mold, put it in the freezer until assembling the cake.

10. Shake the cream so that it fits well between the jelly, tap it, and lift and see to check the bottom and push it into every corner with a spatula while checking the bottom.

11. First, it was hardened in refrigeration for 6 hours and then frozen for about an hour later. You will be overwhelmed by the fresh and sweet grapefruit taste and aroma. It is a dessert that makes everyone feel good with the aroma.