French sweets Chouquette | Pearl Sugar That Is Crunchy In Texture Really Delicious

It has the same shape as gou, but instead of filling the inside with cream, I made a baked French confectionery with pearl sugar on the outside! Does it taste good because it is not filled with cream? You might think that, but the crunchy texture of the chewy pearl sugar adds sweetness to it, so it’s really delicious . It’s really crunchy, sweet and savory!

â–¶Ingredients (about 10 pieces)

35g Butter

1/8ts Salt

25ml Milk

20ml Water

35g Cake flour

1 Egg

Pearl sugar


1. Put the water,milk,butter,salt in the pan, boil until the butter is completely melted and then get out of the fire.

2. Add flour, Cook on low heat, stirring until a thin coat forms on the pot.

3. Transfer the dough to the other bowl, cool it add the egg and mix.

4. Panning it on oven pan and sprinkles water.

5. Sprinkle plenty of pearl sugar and bake in a 190 degree preheated oven for 15-20 minutes.

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