Fraisier Cake | The Most Tasty Strawberry Cake Recipe

Hello ,today I made a Fraisier cake, the most famous strawberry cake in the world, the process is really a bit complicated, but.This is a really really delicious recipe. I could have posted a simpler recipe or a recipe to replace muslin cream with a creme diplomat. In the case of Fraisier cake, a recipe that personally requires more work is definitely delicious.I wanted to give you a more delicious recipe, even if it’s complicated and cumbersome.

▶Ingredients (For 1 cakes (diameter 18cm))

[Almond Genoise]

110g Whole Eggs

30g Egg yolks

76g Granulated sugar

70g Cake flour

28g Almond flour

28g Powdered sugar

50g unsalted butter


1) Beat eggs and yolks well with a whisk.

2) Add sugar and boil over hot water to raise the temperature to 37-42 degrees.

3) Whip the warmed egg water at high speed with a hand mixer until it becomes Ruban.

4) At the lowest speed of the hand mixer, gather air bubbles until the dough becomes silky-soft.

5) Add the sifted soft flour, almond powder, and sugar powder and mix lightly so that the foam does not go out.

6) Add butter warmed to between 4 and 60 degrees and mix lightly.

7) Pan flat on a 1/2 bread pan (28 x 38 long) and bake at 160 degrees for 12 minutes. (Unox Convection Oven)
* Each oven has a different heat intensity, so you need to adjust the temperature and time individually while checking the cooking status.

8) After cooling the baked Genuise on a cooling net, print two sheets with an 18cm diameter ring.