Egg Tofu | Simple and Delicious Meal With Only Tofu And Eggs | Tofu Recipe | Keto Recipe

This is a recipe that allows you to eat a simple and delicious meal with only tofu and eggs. It is delicious to eat with egg tofu alone, but it becomes a different dish when coated with sauce. It is delicious to eat as a side dish with rice, a side dish with alcohol, or breakfast.You can also add sesame oil to the sauce. It tastes better if you add oyster sauce, but if you don’t have it, you can substitute 1.5tbsp of soy sauce.The invincible taste made with minimalism, the stomach is being healed.


[2~3 servings]

300g Tofu

3 Eggs (161g)

3 Pinches of salt (for eggs)

10g (0.5tbsp) Minced garlic

18g (2tbsp) Chopped green onion

✤ Sauce

7g (1tbsp) Soy sauce

14g (1tbsp) Oyster sauce

3g (1tsp) Sugar

Black pepper powder

56g (8tbsp) Water

3g (0.5tbsp) Roasted sesame seeds

✤ Topping (optional)

Chopped small green onion


1. 3 eggs + 3 pinches of salt. Prepare the eggs by mixing them.

2. 300g Tofu, cut the tofu into 5mm thick slices, slim look.

3. Cooking oil (optional). The tofu is displayed in a spiral staircase shape.

4. After soaking the tofu with eggs, set aside half of the eggs.

5. Cooking oil, transfer the tofu to the pan. Pour all remaining eggs. Spread the eggs evenly all the way to the top of the mountain.Cook eggs on low heat. When the eggs are almost cooked, turn the plate over turn the fan over. Oh, the birth of a work of art with outstanding color beauty.

6. 7g (1tbsp) Soy sauce + 14g (1tbsp) Oyster sauce + 3g (1tsp) Sugar + 3g (0.5tbsp) Roasted sesame seeds, a little pepper powder + 56g (8tbsp) Water. If you want to add spiciness, chop the chillies and add them.

7. Cooking oil + 16g (2tbsp) Chopped green onion + 10g (0.5tbsp), minced garlic. Fry on low heat, when garlic turns white pour the sauce. Cook on low heat for about 1 minute add egg tofu. Shake to distribute the sauce evenly.

8. Small green onion, bring the sauce to a boil over low heat, it is a simple ingredient, but the energy of great taste is released.Wow~ The meeting of tofu and eggs is not a coincidence, it is fate.