Egg Pizza | Oven, No Oven | Easy Breakfast Egg Pizza Recipes

I made egg pizza with minimal ingredients. It tastes so good because you can feel the savory taste of eggs. It is good to eat for brunch on a weekend morning, You can also add your favorite ingredients and apply them. I think it would be good to add sweet corn, boiled potatoes, bell peppers, mushrooms, etc. Of course, it is delicious if you eat it just according to the recipe. Even if you put the same amount of milk, the dough may feel lacking in moisture or too much depending on the humidity of the environment or the flour manufacturer. Do not add milk all at once, add little by little while kneading, and if insufficient, add a little more.


[2 pizzas with a diameter of 21cm]

✤ Dough Ingredients

200g(1cup) Bread flour

130ml Warm milk

5g(1tbsp) Instant dry yeast

8g(1tbsp) Sugar

4g(0.5tbsp) Salt

20g Room temperature unsalted butter (can be replaced with olive oil)

✤ Mayo Sauce

50g(3tbsp) mayonnaise


✤ Scrambled Eggs (for 1 pizza)

175g eggs (3pieces)

24g(3tbsp) Milk

3pinches of salt

✤ Toppings (for 1 pizza)

100g Mozzarella cheese

Chopped onion

Scrambled eggs

45g Bacon


1. 130ml Warm milk + 5g instant dry yeast + 8g sugar. Melt the yeast.

2. 200g Strong flour + 4g(0.5tbsp) salt. Coat the flour well with salt. Mix all ingredients. When water starts to disappear. Start the portable hand kneader. If it is well mixed without raw flour.

3. 20g Room temperature unsalted butter. Knead the butter until it seeps into the dough. If you throw the dough and hit it, it will become smooth in no time. Knead the dough so that it is not too soft. Ferment 2-3 times the size in a warm place (36℃~39℃).

4. 1/4 onion + Bacon, cut into small size.

5. 3eggs (175g) for 1 pizza + 3 pinches of salt + 24g(3tbsp) milk. Mix well and then.

6. 10g Unsalted butter (cooking oil can be used) then melt the butter. Stir over low heat to make scrambled.Finish it soft.

7. 50g(3tbsp) Mayonnaise + 12g(1tbsp) Honey, mix well. Honey mayo sauce complete.

8. 1 hour later. Divide into 2 equal parts. After removing the bubbles, make it into a round ball shape , sprinkle with flour, flatten it out. It is better to spread it thinly rather than thickly.

9. Then spread the dough on the oven pan, dam construction to prevent cheese from flowing down. Poke the dough with a fork so that it does not rise.

10. 100g mozzarella cheese, add chopped onion. Lots of scrambled eggs too. Finally, topping the bacon.

11. Preheat the oven to 210°C (410°F). Bake at 210°C (410°F) for 8-10 minutes (may vary depending on oven specifications). Sprinkle generously with mayo sauce.