Easy and Super Tasty Maple Sandwich Cookies Recipe | Simple Ingredients, But They Taste Really Good.

These are easy-to-make cookies with very simple ingredients, but they taste really good. It is not too sweet and has a rich maple flavor. Be sure to make it!

▶Ingredients (About 20-25 Cookies- Sanded)

[Maple Cookie Dough]

100g unsalted butter

65g maple syrup

180g All-purpose flour

1 g salt


1) Lightly beat the butter at room temperature.

2) Add maple syrup and salt and whip lightly with a hand mixer until the color is slightly lightened.

3) Sift the flour and mix it into a lump.

4) Place the dough between two sheets of plastic, parchment paper, or Teflon sheets and roll it out to a thickness of 3mm(1/8 inches).

5) Rest in the freezer until hardened.

6) Cut out the dough with a cookie-cutter of the desired shape.

7) Bake at 160 degrees Celcius(320 F) for 12 minutes. (Based on Unox convection oven)


[Maple Buttercream]

55g unsalted butter

25g powdered sugar

15g maple syrup

1g vanilla extract


1) Whip butter and powdered sugar at room temperature until it is bulky and bright.

2) Add maple syrup and vanilla extract and mix.

3) Sandwich the cream between two cookies.