Double Cheesecake | Desserts Can Make Your Happy | How To Make Double Cheesecake

I made a double cheesecake with cream cheese and mascarpone cheese layer by layer. The bottom layer is a baked cheesecake with cream cheese, and on the top, I mixed mascarpone cheese and fresh cream to make a soft cream layer. I saw the cheesecake sold at the Paris Croissant and it was pretty, so I cut a small sponge cake sheet and pasted it on the outside. Although the recipe is different from the cheesecake sold at the Paris Croissant, I made it in my own way, and it is similar to Le Tao cheesecake. It was so delicious that everything came together in harmony. The mascarpone cheese layer on top has a gelato-like consistency, so it has a better texture and is much more savory. This is a delicious cheesecake that I keep getting my hands on.

▶Mold size Mold size : 15cm.


155g Egg 

90g Sugar

10g Honey 

2g Vanilla extract

20g Unsalted butter 

30g Milk

40g Cream cheese

90g Cake flour

160g Cream cheese

40g Sugar

2g Vanilla extract

1 Egg

30g Whipping cream

5g Cake flour

3g Gelatin sheet

150g Cold Mascarpone cheese

30g Sugar2g Vanilla extract

150g Whipped cream (whipped up 60%)


1. Place a bowl of eggs on a pot of hot water, add sugar, honey, and vanilla extract and stir until the temperature reaches 40 degrees.

2. Whip with a hand mixer until it becomes a rich ivory-colored foam, then sift the soft flour and mix.

3. Put a little of the dough in a bowl of melted unsalted butter, milk, and cream cheese (temperature 50-60 degrees), mix, put in the main dough, mix, pour into an 18cm mold, and bake in an oven preheated to 170 degrees for 35 minutes.

4. Cut the top and bottom of the cooled sheet and cut 1 sheet to be used under the cake.

5. Soften the cream cheese, add sugar and mix, then add eggs and vanilla extract.

6. Add fresh cream and mix. Sift the soft flour and mix.

7. Lay 1 thinly cut cake sheet on the bottom of the 15cm mold, filter the cheesecake dough through a sieve, and bake in an oven preheated to 150 degrees for 25 minutes, then cool at room temperature and then cool in the refrigerator.

8. Soak gelatin in cold water for about 10 minutes.

9. Gently loosen the cold mascarpone cheese, add sugar and vanilla extract and mix.

10. Squeeze out the water from the soaked gelatin and heat it in the microwave for about 10 seconds to melt it, put it in (9), microwave it for about 20 seconds, and mix.

11. Add (10) to 60% whipped cream and mix, add a little cream, pour over the cooled cheesecake, flatten and harden in the refrigerator for 2 hours.

12. Trim the edges of the remaining cake sheets and cut them into small cubes.

13. Remove the cake frame, apply the remaining cream on the entire surface, and attach the sponge cake sheet cut into small pieces.