Dinner Rolls | The Softest Dinner Rolls | Super Fluffy Whipped Cream Bread Recipe

You only need 8 ingredients to make these dinner rolls. Flaky, soft, and buttery, these fresh dinner rolls outshine any main dish. If you’re a bread beginner, read this blog post to learn more about the yeast rolls recipe, including how to prep the rolls ahead of time. You can also reference my Baking with Yeast Guide for answers to common yeast .


250g strong flour (bread flour)

140g milk

40g whipped cream

20g honey

13g sugar

2g salt

20g unsalted butter

4g yeast


1. 250g strong flour (bread flour) + 4g yeast + 13g sugar + 2g salt + 20g honey + 40g whipped cream (unsweetened) + 140g warm milk. Mix until no powder is visible.

2. Roughly put together into a lump. Close the lid and leave for 20 minutes.

3. after 20 minutes add 20g unsalted butter. Hand kneading from now on (5 minutes). Cover with cling wrap and ferment in a warm place to double size (about 1 hour).

4. 1 hour later, flatten it out. Divide by 9. It’s cumbersome, but use the scale to divide the size equally, make round. Cover with cling wrap and leave to ferment for 15 minutes, make it round again.

5. squre tin (about 16cm x 16cm). Cover with cling film and ferment to double the size of the dough, strong flour (bread flour).

6. 150℃(300℉) 18~20min in preheated oven. The crust is also soft. Needless to say the inside, so perfect.