Custard Cream Pancake | No oven – No Machine | How To Make Custard Cream Pancake at Home

This is the kind of dessert .I’ve been looking for and now I’ve finally found the recipe. 😭😭The most delicious pancake ,love this recepie.



180g soft flour (cake flour)


200g milk

30g sugar

2g salt

30g cooking oil

3g baking powder

Custard cream

3 yolks

300g milk

60g sugar

20g corn starch


1. 2 eggs + 30g sugar + 2g salt, mix well. 200g milk, mix well again.

2. 180g soft flour (cake flour) + 3g baking powder. Pour in the egg mixture and stir well to avoid lumps. cooking oil 30g, put the dough in an easy-to-pour cup.

3. make the custard cream now 3 yolks + 60g sugar. Stir until light yellow + 20g corn starch.

4. 300g milk + Half a tsp vanilla extract, low heat. When the edges are boiling, turn off the heat. Mix well.

5. go back to the pot, medium heat. It will thicken quickly so stir it so it doesn’t burn. Cover the dough with cling wrap. Cool it down in the freezer for about 20 minutes.

6. after 20 minutes, soften the cooled custard cream.

7. Egg frying pan. Heat the pan over low heat. Put the dough into the pan. Raise the edges of the dough in a circular motion.(I used a rolling pin, but you can do it with a spoon.

8. When slightly cooked, scrape the edges. Turn the direction and cook evenly. Custard cream is precious , bake for 2 more minutes, really tasty.