Cream Puff | Easy Home Baking Recipes | How To Make Perfect Cream Puff

I just made these today and they were amazing! The recipe doubled pretty well and the instructions and the process were pretty straightforward. Great recipe! It’s really delicious perfect.


1/2cup flour

2tbsp butter

100ml water

1/3tsp salt (between 1/4 and 1/2 tsp)




1/4cup sugar

1/8 cup or 2tbsp flour

200ml milk

whipped cream:

150ml cream

1 1/4 tbsp sugar


1. 60g soft flour (cake flour), sift it.

2. 2 eggs, mix it. Leave at room temperature.

3. Circular decorating tube (diameter 1 cm). It doesn’t have to be the same size.

4. 100ml water + 40g butter + 2g salt, medium heat. When the ingredients are all melted. Bring to a boil for another 15 seconds. Turn off the gas for a while.

5. Add sifted flour, mix quickly. Turn on the gas again. Stir-fry, stir-fry for about 2 minutes to avoid failure. At this time, if you use a coated pot, the dough will roll. Make sure you use a stainless steel pot.

6. Spread it out and blow it away, divide the room temperature egg water 3 to 4 times. Mix well.

7. Add egg water while looking at the concentration.When this long V shape is made, it’s complete.

8. Now put it in the piping bag. Fix baking parchment, gonna squeeze it in here. Don’t turn it, give it the same force from above, can’t throw away the leftover dough. Please arrange the horns with wet hands.

9. Oven preheated at 200 degrees for 10 minutes. Bake for 200 degrees 10 minutes -> 180 degrees 20 minutes -> 160 degrees 10 minutes. Never open the door while it’s being baked.

10. Now going to make some custard cream. 2 yolks + 40g sugar, mix it until light yellow. 20g soft flour (cake flour), mix it likewise.

11. 200ml milk, low heat when it’s slightly bubbling up, turn off the gas combine.

12. When it’s completely mixed, move back to pot. Adjust to medium heat and stir constantly, it got thick at some point. When bubbles come up here and there, it’s done.

13. Put it in a bowl, wrap it. Allow to cool completely in refrigerator.

14. 150 ml whipped cream + 15g sugar. Stir it for about 5 minutes.

15. Jelly-like custard, combine. Completion. Use chopsticks to drill a hole, filling of custard. It’s really delicious perfect.