Coffee Ganache Cake That Melts In Your Mouth | Easy & Quick Cake Recipe

I made a coffee cake with coffee sheets and cream with ganache!

The sweet ganache and coffee flavor are so delicious together~

I think the coffee cake feel is much more alive when I decorate it with coffee beans~

I added ganache and skipped the process of applying syrup to the sheet, but if you want to eat it moist, be sure to apply syrup~


-15cm Coffee sponge cake sheet 3 sheets (Oven fan size is 18cm)
(Reference image:

4 Egg yolk

40g Melted butter

50g Warm Milk + 6g Instant coffee powder

1ts Vanilla extract

Meringue (4 egg whites + 80g sugar)

110g Cake flour

1/2ts Baking powder 

Ganache (50g chocolate + 25g fresh cream)

Coffee cream (400g fresh cream + 40g sugar + coffee liquid (4g instant

coffee + 10g hot fresh cream))

Decorative coffee liquid (2g instant coffee + 5g hot fresh cream)

Coffee bean, Coffee bean powder


1. Place a coffee sheet on the rotating plate, apply ganache, and top with coffee cream

2. Place another sheet on top of the cream. Repeat one more time.

3. After applying cream on the top and sides, apply coffee liquid on the side and use a scraper to create gradation.

4. Glue the beans under the cake.

5. Squeeze cream on the top edge and sprinkle coffee powder in the middle to decorate.