Christmas Tree Butter Cookies | Another Perfect Recipe for Christmas🎄

I made a tree-shaped buttering cookie with 3 flavors. I panned it into a tree shape using a shape tip and baked it, and I think it’s a good cookie for a Christmas present. This time, when I added powdered milk to the dough, it was more savory and had a lot of milk flavor, which made it even more delicious. It is possible to use both whole milk powder and skim milk powder. When I make cookies, the baking time varies depending on the dough, so I think it is better to knead and bake one at a time. Bake vanilla cookies for 14 minutes and green tea and chocolate for 12 minutes. You can make it by applying various shapes, but the amount of dough panning varies depending on the tip, so you can increase or decrease the time depending on the thickness. I wrote down the pod number I used in the video subtitles and more. I liked the vanilla cookie the most out of the 3 cookies.

▶About 10 each for a total of 30 pieces.


100g Unsalted butter

55g Powdered sugar

1g Salt

25g Egg

2g Vanilla extract

10g Milk powder

– Vanilla: 155g Cake flour

– Chocolate: 120g Cake flour, 18g Cocoa powder

– Green tea: 125g Cake flour, 10g Green tea powder



1. Soften the softened butter at room temperature, add sugar powder and salt and mix, then add the egg and vanilla extract and mix.

2. Add powdered milk and mix, sift the soft flour, mix, and place in a piping bag fitted with a shape tip. (Vanilla: No. 480, Chocolate: No. 824, Green Tea: No. 853 Pod)

3. Squeeze in an oven pan, sprinkle with sprinkles, and bake in an oven preheated to 165 degrees for 12 to 14 minutes and cool.

4. Make chocolate and green tea cookies in the same way.