Chocolate Omelet Bread | How To Make A Really Delicious Strawberry Chocolate Omelette Bread

Fresh strawberries, chocolate whipped cream, and chocolate omelette bread go well together to make a really delicious strawberry chocolate omelette bread! Soft chocolate whipped cream, fresh strawberries, and soft chocolate bread seem to go well with it. After taking the video, I ate three! I can’t stop my hands from moving over and over again.

▶5 pieces.


2 Egg white

25g Sugar

2 Egg yolk

15g Sugar

1/8ts Salt

1/4ts Vanilla extract

42g cake flour

8g Cocoa powder

50g melted Dark chocolate

50g Warm Fresh cream 

150g Whipped cream 


Sugar powder


1. Put whipped egg whites in the bowl and whip into a big bubble, then divide the sugar into three times and whip make a meringues.

2. Mix egg yolk with sugar, salt, vanilla extract and whip into the ivory color and mix 1/3 of the meringue.

3. Sift cake flour+cocoa powder and mix, Add the remaining half of the meringue and mix. Repeat one more time.

4. Put the dough in the oven pan, Bake in a 10 minutes for 170 degree preheated oven.

5. Bread folds in half before cooling and cools.

6. Add warm cream to melted chocolate, mix and mix with whipped cream.

7. Put the chocolate cream and the strawberry in the middle of the bread.

8. Decorate with sugar powder.