Chocolate Magic Cake | How To Make Chocolate Magic Cake With Three Layers Of Dough

I made chocolate magic cake with three layers of dough! The top is the sponge layer, the middle is the custard layer, and the bottom is the fuzzy layer. The top is soft and soft, and the bottom is a moist texture. It melts away in my mouth.

▶Frame size: 18cm.


3 Egg white

1/2ts+1/4ts (3.75ml) Lemon juice

3 Egg yolk

110g Sugar

2ts+1/4ts (11.25ml) Water

90g Melted butter

a pinch of Salt

1/2ts+1/4ts (3.75ml) Vanilla extract

50g Plain flour

28g Cocoa powder

360ml Warm milk

Sugar powder


1. Put egg whites and lemon juice in the bowl and make meringue.

2. Add egg yolk, sugar, and water to the bowl and whip until it is ivory.

3. Put the melted butter and whip.

4. Add salt, vanilla extract and whip.

5. Add Sift flour, cocoa powder and mix.

6. Mix warm milk little by little.

7. Add the meringue and mix lightly. Pour into the pan and bake in a 160 degree preheated oven for 60 minutes.