Chicken Donuts | Crispy Chicken Donuts with Chesse Garlic Sauce Recipe | Chicken Nuggets Recipe

I made the dry chicken breast into soft and crispy chicken nuggets. It’s really delicious even if you dip it in ketchup or just eat it. Also, if you eat it with the garlic flavored cheese sauce, you can feel a different taste. If you like, you can chop spicy chili in the sauce. The cheese I used was a mixture of cheddar, cream, mozzarella, and goda cheese. You can mix the cheese you want, or you can make only cheddar cheese. If you don’t have a blender, you can chop chicken breasts with a knife. If you keep it frozen while it is covered with bread crumbs, it is possible for 1 to 2 months. If you fry about 70% and keep it frozen, it is possible for 6 months. (You can fry it again when you eat it) The leftover cheese sauce can be stored for about 1 month if stored frozen.


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✤ Chicken Seasoning

250g, 2Chicken breast

120g, 1Boiled potato

50g(2tbsp big) Chopped onion

20g(1tbsp big) Chopped green onions

1tbsp Minced garlic

20g(4tbsp) Bread crumbs

2g(4pinch) Salt

1g (0.5tsp) Black pepper

✤ Stir-fry

Corn starch powder (plain flour can be used)

1.5 eggs

Bread crumbs

✤ Garlic Cheese Sauce

34g Cheese (only cheddar cheese can be used)

40g(2tbsp big) Mayonnaise

1tbsp Minced garlic

50g(7tbsp) Milk

5g Butter

3g (1tsp) Sugar


1. 50g Onion, chop the onion. 20g Green onions, 120g Boiled potato (Add potatoes for a soft texture). 250g Chicken breast , cut it into smaller pieces.

2. And boiled potatoes + 1tbsp Minced garlic + 2g(4pinch) Salt + 0.5tsp Black pepper+ 20g (4tbsp) Bread crumbs + 50g(2tbsp) Chopped onion + 20g(1tbsp) Chopped green onions. Finely grind.

3. Put it in a piping bag, in a flat container. Put on plastic wrap or paper foil. Squeeze it into a donut shape. Now freeze it for about an hour in the freezer.

4. 5g Butter + 1tbsp Minced garlic + 3g (1tsp) Sugar + 40g(big 2tbsp) Mayonnaise + 50g (7tbsp) Milk + 34g Cheese (4 kinds of blended cheese/or cheddar cheese). Melt it over low heat. When the cheese is all melted, boil for another minute and finish.

5. 1 hour later, frozen tightly. Apply corn starch evenly.

6. 1.5 eggs. Egg shower so that the bread crumbs are well covered. Bread crumbs. The final step to eat crispy. Perfect transformation of chicken breast, 17 completed.

7. Now fry in preheated oil. Care well so that it does not burn. I want to appreciate this scenery for a while. Take it out when it starts to brown. Wow~ The joint performance of vegetables and chicken is really good.